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Thoughts on Salami as Sculpture



As a renaissance sculptor gazed at a block of marble visualizing a  masterpiece  within – so the Calabrian artisan, beholds a mass of pork fat and visualizes a salami within. The old country salami from a tradition almost tantric (ear-whispered) is dying out, but perhaps, the salami that can be named is not the absolute salami

sanctity and salami

Famous witnesses testify re: salami  
  Among the historical figures who are included with the world of salami we find a saint, St. Benedict(480-543), who is linked to the history of these fabbros of meat,  thanks to the skill of his countrymen butchers, famous for their skill in preparing of these specialties.  I hereby nominate St. Benedict as the Patron Saint of Salamis.  

        And it was thanks to Cardinal Giulio Alberoni, a diplomat from Piacenza, that the fame of Italian salamis in the first decades of 1700 crossed the national borders in order to land in France and Spain. The Cardinal, in fact, used his salamis to enter the good graces of influential foreign figures.  “Your Majesty, accept this salami as a symbol of goodwill.”     
 Even  Italian writers often cite the salami. Some examples: the poet gourmet Gabriele D’Annunzio waxed lyrical of the salted pork “pig salt and red compact”. 

     The writer Giovanni Guareschi, author of the famous characters Don Camillo and Peppone, often conducted repartee with communists and stumble-bums over a plate of salami and a glass of Lambrusco, thus linking once again salami to the Catholic Church.

  Don Camillo is admonished for inordinate use of salami